Lying on my bed with my eyes gazed upon the slow rotating fan suspended on my Ceiling. It’s been years but the memory is still fresh as though it happened yesterday. Why I decided to do what I did remains a mystery to me till date. Looking at myself, tears rolled down my bumpy face as it struck me again that I will never be who I was; I have lost not just my youthfulness but also, a part of me.

Maybe you are a bit confused and trying to understand why my earlier statement shows signs of regrets. I will tell you why.

This is my little story!!!

My name is Oscar and incidentally, I share not just the same name with the famous South African athlete, Oscar Pristorious but also share the same physical feature. Unlike him, mine was totally my doing. I won’t go into details of my childhood and how I was but will go straight to how I became the Oscar that once had limps to one, without.

February 25th, 2015; a date I will never forget. I was so bored at home so, I decided to go visit Andy. Andy and I had been friends from childhood that some neighbours thought we were sibling (I won’t blame them though; they were new on the street. Meanwhile, on arrival, I met Jay already there arguing about football with Andy and I happily jumped in the covers action after exchanging pleasantries with them. Not long after I arrived, their was a knock at the door and without waiting on anyone, the door opened. It wasn’t a surprised when we saw Sam walk in to us. He always has his way of announcing his presence by knocking at the door before walking in majestically through the door. All thanks to the fact that Andy doesn’t lock his door with the key. Sam had tried and failed severally whenever he came to my place because I am always quick to use the keys whenever I am in. Andy and I became friends with Jay and Sam as we all were course mates in school.                                                     As Sam walked in like a king after his coronation, he handed over tickets to a party taking place 2blocks away. Andy and Jay greeted the news with much excitement while I looked away, pretending not to hear them (the noise was obvious that all I could really do was pretend not to hear them).

Hey Oscar! As I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned round as Andy handed over a copy of the invitation to me. It just had to be Andy to give me the Invitation but I declned telling them I had Church to attend but they all shut me down as though they have been pissed about my desire for God and His activities. I wasn’t suprised though because they never showed interest in God or His business. Jay said to me, “do you know how serving God has hindered your ability to enjoy your life here on earth?”                         “Come on man. It’s not like we are asking you to leave church forever. Moreover, what fun stories will you tell your children about the days of your youth?” Sam added.                                           “You only live once remember? Let’s go chill, have a few drinks and play around with some chics and we are done. You have lots of church programs to attend. By the way, what’s the assurance that after spending so much for God, you will make heaven? It will be a disaster if you miss both heaven and hell” Andy concluded.                                                                                                         I thought hard about what they said and gave in.

I had not been to a party so, I obviously, was looking forward to it with much excitement. I switched off my phone while church was going on to avoid explaining to anyone why I wasn’t coming. Moreover, nobody owns me. I shouldn’t give reasons to anyone about what I do; that was my biggest mistake.

It was time and we all met at Andy’s place and left for the venue. It’s was far more than what I thought; it was extreme fun and explosive if I must add. “So, this is what I have been missing” I kept saying to myself as I drank and danced with the girls around. It was time to move and we all got into the car with loud music and everywhere suddenly became quiet and blank.

I opened my eyes and found myself on a hospital bed. My legs were gone. My mum was at my bedside anxiously waiting for me to open my eyes. With tears flowing surging out of my eye, I asked what had happened. I was told that we were involved in an accident. Andy and Sam died while Jay was still lying critical in the intensive care unit of the hospital. I lost my legs  and will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life as I can’t afford artificial limbs like the famous South African athlete.

That is my story

I only wished I could go back to that day. Perhaps, I would have dealt with that boredom by reading my Bible or would have tried all  I could to preach to my friends.

The devil got the best of my friends; Andy, Sam and Jay are all gone. Oh! I forgot add that Jay didn’t survive the ICU.

Two blocks away and we still couldn’t get home safe.

“It doesn’t matter where and how far you are, from home. Death comes at anytime and the devil wants you to fall a victim unprepared” were the words of my Pastor I suddenly remembered.

I got a chance to reconcile with God but my friends weren’t that lucky. They lived just once.

The devil told us a lie!!!

He told us to enjoy life because we only live once but failed to tell us that we can die twice. (Revelation 21:8)



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Christ and Christianity

“…The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch” Acts 11:26

I had to begin with the above verse because Christianity is my focus today. Notice that the vers didn’t say ‘the disciples called themselves Christians’ but rather, ‘the disciples were called Christians? They lived a life that followed the teaching and examplary life of Christ that the pagans saw and called them christians . Let’s refresh our memories a bit about some of these wonderful characters of Jesus; he was loving, merciful, a man of peace and humble to mention but a few. The Christian community as we all read in the Bible, lived lives in love, unity and total service to God.

Fast forward to the 21st century and we are in a world where about 2.4billion are called Christians. At this point, I will like to ask these questions; how many of these “Christians” are actually christians? How many are truly representing the one it claims to represent?

I don’t understand anymore.

I find myself in a community where individuals stay up all night, praying for the death of their enemies yet, Christ himself said we should love our enemies and pray for them. He went on to say that we should do good to them that hate us. Love no longer rules our hearts and we still call ourselves Christians.

l Find myself in a community where ‘spiritual leaders’ only tell us what our ears are itching to hear, so that tithes and offerings will increase. They care more about the financial lives rather than the spiritual lives of their flocks. This is despite glaring events in the world suggesting that the sound of the trumpet is only but a millimeter away.

I find myself in a community where people are just too lazy and sometimes scared of preaching the good news. strenght and zeal is however in abundance when is comes to chasing after money and all the pleasures of this world.

You read or listen to the news and John, Moses, Abraham,, Peter are the ones displayed for committing one crime or another but when you ask them, they tell you ‘I am a Christian’. Such a great number of people addressed as Christians but how many will avoid the multitude going through the wide road and join those on th narrow road?

The truth is, there isn’t time to play around. With God, nobody sits on the fence; you can’t prophesy Christ and act the devil. Don’t just speak Christ. Act Christ. Remember, Christianity isn’t a religion but a way of life.






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In order that the devil tempted Jesus, the first temptation was on satisfaction of human appetite (Matt.4:3). The second was on the pride of man (Matt.4:6). The third and last was on the lust of the eyes.

“All these will be yours”, but on one condition, “that you bow down and worship me”. (V.9)

How many people have yielded to such temptation? Just the promises “all these will be yours” and many people have forfeited their souls to the devil.

Please, note “all these” included the majesty, the splendour, the power of this evil and temporal world.

Satan will not let people remember that “all these” are temporal. Seek first the kingdom of God (which is permanent) and “all these” shall be added to you. (Lk.12:31).

The Lord’s answer: He calls the tempter by his name Satan (v.10)- Satan means the adversary. Jesus rebukes him. We should recognise that the devil is the one behind all temptation and we should resist him and he will flee from us (James 4:7).

God bless you. Have a nice day.


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This passage showed more determination by the devil to make our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

He tried to get Jesus to fall to the weakness of men; Pride.

Spiritual pride has ruined many believers who are set over their brethren. It has ruined many Christians who once seemed very close to God.

The tempter took our Lord to the pinnacle of the temple and asked him to cast himself down to display His power, His dignity and His majesty v.5.

Note here that the devil quotes the scripture but omits a a very important part (Ps.91:11-12). Satan the tempter omitted “to guard you in all your ways” (vs.11).

He knew that he was tempting Jesus to do what was not part of the ways the the father had marked out for him.

Oh! How many believers today know the Word enough to detect when it is wrongly used?.

We know little of the word of God that we only listen to what Men say to us regarding the word of God. Read more of the word of God and you can also say to the Devil “It is written”.


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The Executive Beggar

He is the man on a suit and tie.
By his briefcase, you shall know him.
Sitting like a boss that he is.
I call him ‘the executive beggar’.

He needs his briefcase; His pocket is not big enough.
His desire is to fill it up.
Not bothering if his small statue can carry that much.
The perfect definition for the word ‘ungrateful’.

He makes a request and his victims have no choice.
Like a hawk roaming round just for that unfortunate chick.
He is as restless as a deer in dear need of water.
They kind of man described in John 10:10.

He heaps so much praise on them.
Equating them to the almighty.
All for his selfish gains.
“From whence cometh my help?” He said to one.

On his bed he lies all day.
Don’t call him the lazy fool.
On his bed he plans his next move.
I call him the smooth criminal

A canker-worm he is.
Who gradually feeds on his victims till nothing is left.
He is like a man searching for oil.
He drills deep until he finds.

My advice to you; be watchful lest he comes.
My words to him are simple.
“I will find you and tie you to a cashew tree.
It will be a lot better if you beg from there”


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The Race

In this life, we all are running a race. A race to get to get to our set targets. In a race, everyone runs but only one person gets first prize. So run your race to win. To win the contest, you must deny yourselves many things that would keep you from doing your best. An athlete goes through all this trouble just to win a blue ribbon or a silver cup. We do it for a heavenly reward that never disappears. So, will you run straight to the goal with purpose in every step?
Will you fight to win?
Are you just shadow-boxing or playing around?
Like an athlete, are u ready to punish your body?
Are u ready to train it to do what it should and not what it wants to?
Otherwise, after trying, you might just be declared unfit and ordered to stand aside.
The message is simple. The end is here. Are you prepared to receive Him or will he meet you asleep when he come?


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To Whom It May Concern

My name is M.M. Briggs, a graduate of social Psychology from the University of saskatchewan Canada where I reside presently. My time in school was fruitful I must say. It brought the most wonderful set of people across my way; from my flatmates to my course mates. We were more than a family.
Despite the Joy and happiness that accompanied school, the good grades and my final results (graduating with the second best result in my class), I still felt a sense of un-fulfilment.
I won’t get into much details but I loved a girl (I still do). The problem is, I am scared and I will tell you why. I know I love her or you could say care a lot for her. I wake up every morning finding new ways to make her smile and ways to tell her how much I care. Everything was going well between us that I hang out with her more often than I would with my guys. We were friends but I knew she was special. I was nervous and I didn’t know how to tell her my feelings.
After much thoughts, advice and serious prayers, I summoned courage and told her how I felt. I simply opened my soul to her. That was on the 21st of April 2008. This confession for which I had series of rehearsals for, was more of a surprise to her. With rage she said “I am so disappointed in you”. What has come over you? I never expected this rubbish from you”. At this point, I knew I had failed, so I quickly apologised. Wait a minute, what crime did I commit that brought about the disappointment? Am I barred from having emotions or even displaying such? Or, could it even be that I didn’t pray with all sincerity? I carried this questions with me without ever asking her or anyone until now.
Three weeks after the unfortunate event, my pain grew. She had already agreed to date someone else. I only wonder why she wasn’t disappointed in him. I was hurt each time I saw him and most especially with her. This is not because I lost but because I know I was born to love and make her happy and she won’t acknowledge my feelings for her. I tried as much as I can to move on but my spirit won’t let me be. I am so fond of her that thinking about loving any other person seemed like a taboo. I have cried a time or so thinking about it. Well that relationship (with the other dude) only lasted for three months and since then, a whole lot more have come and gone while I am very much around with my shoulder to which I owe a serious apology to for the quantity of tears it had received. Years have come and gone and I still love her like it was the first time. My fear is, if I told her again, won’t I end up disappointing her for the second time? I love her too much to be away from her. What should I do???


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